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15 February 2005 @ 01:44 pm
Well, Ziggy left today. I was a wreck! I sobbed. It was sad. But, the lady was so happy and greatful, so that is wonderful. The puppy's real name is Sparky, and he is deaf, and may be going blind. He belongs to her 7 year old son, and I am just very happy that the puppy has a good home to go back to, where he is extremely loved. I wish him the best...
My dad wants to get me a new puppy. He loved Ziggy a lot, too, and said that maybe, someday, I can get a little westie pup. I would love that!

Valentine's day went well. I went out to dinner with Scottie and Frankie. We had tons of fun and gave eachother cards and gifts. We played pool later on, and I learned some new tricks.

I just checked my Vampirefreaks profile and I have a 9.95 rating...geeee...people are weird to think I am that cute! =P

That is about it...I am a little too sad to write too much. I miss him sooooo much...

Current Mood: sympatheticI miss Ziggy soooo much...