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19 January 2005 @ 03:46 pm
EH! I had a rough week last week. First off, on Friday (or maybe it was Thursday. Who knows. Whenever it was that I last updated this thing), my car broke down in Janesville. We were stranded. It was freezing. It sucked! Wef finally got home. The next day Frankie took my dad and I up to Janesville to get the car. It was the battery. We fixed it and it is fine. So, that was good. Then, I take her to her doctor's appointment, were we find out some really bad new. We were all upset, but we are doing well now. Then, Bob and Tyler came over. Tyler was cutting Frankie's hair and Bob decided to go to Janesville with John to run an "errand". We kept trying to call Bob, but he never answered the cell phone. Finally, we got ahold of Jessica, and she tells us that the house Bob was at got raided and Bob got arrested on drug charges. We flipped out, and realized that Bob had Tyler's car and Frankie's cell! We went to Janesville to get Ty's car and saw 2 cop cars parked by his car. He got in, and took off, and a cop followed. I freaked out remembering that he had presciption drugs in his car and 2 warrents. We got back to Beloit, and no Tyler. I was flipping out. Then Bob called. He did not get arrested. He has a court date. Then, I called Cathy's to tell her the news, and Tyler answers. They both came back over, and we partied, but the alcohol was all gone. I cut my finger really bad this week, it is snowing again, my body aches, and these past weeks have sucked ass! But, I still have my friends, so that is good.

I talked to my friend Brunner for the first time on the phone the other night. He sounds soooooo sexy! heh...he is fun to talk to!

Oh, it was sooooo cute! My Mammy said that she should start dressing goth. She said she was looking at my black shirt with all the safety pins in it, and wondered how it would look on her! CUTE!

I got my hair cut by Tyler. It is realllllly short. I love it. We are going to put a couple red streaks in it. Hot! <3!


Well, that is about it. I love you all, and I hope you all have better weeks than I have!

~Miss Spooky Meow!~
Current Mood: coldI HATE WINTER! BLECH!
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13 January 2005 @ 06:51 pm
"...Visions of seduction lurking under my hat."
Let me see...

Got really fucked up the other night...puked everywhere...blech!

Went yesterday to get Frankie's tongue pierced! YAY!

Gonna party this weekend...YAY!

I love alcohol! YAY

...but I am not an alcoholic!

My birthday is next month, and I cannot wait! ^______^

Not much has happened...

Love you all!

~Miss Meow!~
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29 December 2004 @ 05:00 pm
Doctor's appointment tonight...Yippy Skippy! Actually, the pills seem to be working a bit, so maybe I can have the doc up my dosage. Oh, what I would give to never have a fucking migraine EVER AGAIN!

Christmas was great! I got tons of gifties, mainly Nightmare before Christmas stuff, and it rocked! I am not sure what I am doing for New Years...probably just watching movies, eating pizza and getting piss drunk...heh...too bad I will not have anyone to play with >=]

Went to Club 5 last night with Frankie...she had a blast! Saw Peaches and Emily! YAY! <3 Love! It was sooooo fun!

Bob was in the ER on Monday because he blacked out... I was sooo fucking scared...they think it might be his <3...=[

Hmmm...other than that, not much is going on...I hope you all have a great New Year, and remember that Spooky loves you all!
~Spooky ^_^
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15 December 2004 @ 05:27 pm

Found this on my friends photobucket gallery...it is from April when she put red streaks in my hair! YAY! ^____^
08 December 2004 @ 03:28 pm
Stolen from Cariadwyn who stole it from bitchgoddessdm

Death Meme

**You're going to be executed; what do you want your last meal to be?**
Soy Turkey, mashed potatos with organic gravy, Brocolli cheese rice and a big bowl of cookies and cream icecream!

**If you were being led to the electric chair and the executioner says "any last requests?"**
Yeah...can I sit on your face?! Just kidding...I would request some eyeliner and a mirror...gotta look good for the crowd!

**Would you rather be burned, frozen or drowned?**

**Describe what you think heaven should be like.**
Hmmm...all denominations and religions in ONE place...there is not hate, and the clouds are made of cotton candy...

**If you died this instant what would you regret not having done or accomplished?**
Not going to school again or owning my own business...oh, and not having sex in, like, FOREVER! OH! I also want to go to Ireland...REALLY BAD!

**What place would you like to die in?**
Ireland! I want to die in my lil' cottage on top of a hill of clover!

**Who will be the most upset when you die?**
My Mom, Brother and Dad, I think...

**How will people describe you at your funeral?**
Dead: "What the hell is she wearing?! And WHAT is up with the make-up?! She looks the same as she did when she was alive! PAPER WHITE!!!" =P
In life: Caring, compassionate, funny, a bit odd, but in a good way

**What would you want to be reincarnated as?**
Hmmm...A BAT! ^v^ I just hope it is not a fish...

**If you had to be buried, what outfit would you want to be buried in?**
One of my pretty Victorian gowns, one of my hats, a fancy necklace and cute platform shoes...I also want to be holding a rose...

**What music would you want to play at your funeral?**
Celtic music and classical (Canon in D). I also want the song "Time to Say Goodbye" by Sarah Brightman...oh, and Depeche Mode or Bauhaus <3. HA!

**If you had to commit suicide how would you do it?**
Hmmm...something creative...Probably something slow and painful...I think I would break into a torture museum and use something they had...

**If you had to have a tombstone, what would you want on it?**
I want the Tenniel illustration of Alice and The Cheshire Cat on it...or I want it to look old-fashioned with winged skull on it...

**If you could talk to a dead famous person, who would it be?**
First choice: Jack the Ripper, so I could know who he was and shake his hand
Second Choice: Lewis Carroll, because he rocked!
Third Choice: Ed Gein... ^_^

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Current Mood: gloomyDEATH! Mwahaha!
03 December 2004 @ 04:45 pm
Hello all...not much going on. I went to the doctor, and he gave me some new meds. I am hoping they work, otherwise I do not know what I am going to do. I have tried everything. The only thing left to do is go in for some catscans or MRIs, but that is costly and I am not sure when I can get into a Neurologist. I found out, due to my OWN researching, that I have Photophobia. I know a lot of you are thinking "Great! Another PHOBIA to add to her list!" No, it is not a phobia like my fear of fish or mustard. This is the term given when your eyes are uber-sensitive to light. My eyes cannot handle light like most peoples can. My eyes constrict painfully, thus causing, I hope, my migranes. My eyes cannot filter out light as well as they used to, hence why I cannot go outside during the day or into brightly lit rooms without feeling an intense pain in my eyes and head. Hell, even to walk into a dark room with just a nightlight on is murder on them...Now, all I must do is find the cause of my photophobia (since the actual photophobia is a symptom of an underlying cause). Once I figure that out, I should be cured, and I will *hopefully* not have to put up with another 9 years of this hell.

My mom bought my bro and I some early Xmas prezzies...YAY! I got a Nightmare Before Christmas Anniversary clock (you know, the pretty ones in the glass dome with the little spinny things under the clock? No? oh well, it is pretty!), A new 5 cd disk player (mine and my bros to share), "Metropolis 2004" cd, "Critical Mass 3" cd, NBC stickers, lipgloss, and a squishy pillow! I am getting the Jack comforter next week, and she wants to buy me the NBC Jack and Sally lamp for my room! ^__^ Kick Ass!

Oh, here is a poem I wrote the other day...meh.
Beautiful Girl 12/01/04
Her life is so easy,
Or so it seems.
She's so full of hope
And so full of dreams.
She's always so happy.
Always with a smile,
And I haven't seen her cry
In quite a long while.
She always does what's best.
Never causes any harm.
And yet I wonder
About the cut on her arm...
"Life is too hard,"
I once heard her say,
"I just don't think
I can face another day!"
Surely this is not said
By the beautiful girl I see!
The one who's life is as perfect
As perfect would be!
Why does she cry so?
Why does she hate her life?
Why is all the happiness
Suddenly replaced by strife?
She tends to think too much
About her haunted past.
About her shattered dreams,
And love that never lasts.
Now she feels ugly,
Worthless and used.
She feels she's been violated
And utterly abused.
Her once beautiful face
Has lost it's lovely glow,
What is the reason why?
No one will ever know.
The reasons are locked
Deep down in her heart
And every day of her life
They tear her apart.
She's sick of hiding the pain,
Gazing through a facade.
Oh! Beautiful girl!
You are nothing but a fraud!
She used to be so beautiful to me,
Now she's the one that I fear,
The girl I once knew so well,
The girl in the mirror.
A fun lil' Quiz thingy...Take ME!Collapse )
Love you all!
Current Mood: surprisedPHOTOPHOBIA!
Current Music: "Halo-Remix"~Depeche Mode and Goldfrapp
01 December 2004 @ 06:58 pm
"...AND FUCKING AND SUCKING ON Brad and Janet..."
HA! Found this on Kittylavender's LJ and I had to do it! Oh, and about the cast thing...I DID play Betty Monroe in Madison one night...ha!

Rocky Horror LiveJournal Show by lmar4711
Are you a RHPS Virgin?
Dr Frank N Furtergaewiccanboi
Janet Weiss_rapebigbird
Brad Majorsblackendwings
Riff Raffcariadwyn
Rocky Horrorteevee
Dr Scottspitandrape
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Oh, and Depeche Mode Remixes rocks my socks! I love the remix of "Halo" by Goldfrapp and the "Enjoy the Silence" Reinterpreted by Mike Shinoda...'tis great!

Off to the doctor again so they can tell me they do not know what causes my so-called "migranes"...eh, I really need to go to a neurologist!

Love you all!
Current Mood: worriedMy eyes hurt...
Current Music: "Enjoy the Silence-Reinterpreted"~DM/Mike Shinoda
29 November 2004 @ 06:17 pm
Well...I went to Lana's visitation, and it was really sad. She looked so old. I almost broke down, but I fought back the tears. It was hard, though. Seeing my brother in so much pain. Seeing her friends and family weeping for her. Thinking about how if she had not bridged the gap between father and son, I would not be lucky enough to have my brother Curt in my life. I am so thankful to her for having such a great heart. She pieced my life back together again, and I will always be in her debt. She will be sadly missed...

I got to go out for Chinese afterwards, so that was fun. The whole family (Mom, Dad, DJ, Curt and I). We then went to Baker's Square for some pie...MMMM! Delicious pie there, I must say!

Curt bought me the Depeche Mode Remixed CD...I cannot wait to get it! ^__^

Things have been hectic and a little sad, and I keep thinking of things I should not think about anymore. It is just so hard to let go sometime. And I have come to realise that I do not so much miss the one I loved, but rather the feeling of being loved. I know I have felt like this before, but I think that I mainly get depressed over certain people because I no longer have that reassurance that I mean something to someone, and that I am important. That is why I am so quick to forgive. I hate to lose friends, and that is why I am having such a hard time moving on...with any relationship I had, for that matter. I know a majority of the people in my life or the people who WERE in my life are/were very destructive, not only to themselves, but to others (namely me), and that I am/was better off with out them, yet I cannot seem to hold grudges. I have been fucked over and used too many times to count, yet I still fogive and forget. They basically rape my soul for all it is worth, yet out pours the love that a million years could not erase. And for what? To get used all over again. To have my heart ripped out by everyone I have ever known. Love is nothing but a word that people say to get you into bed and use you. That is all I have come to know, and that is all I will ever know. I might as well get used to the fact that every guy I have ever met was a disappointment, only wanting me for a cheap thrill, going at numerous expenses to get it, whether it be by lying, cheating, materialism or force. EVERY man in my life has used me, violated me and crushed me. I do want love again, but I am scared. What will happen to me heart if I give into my childlike fascination with love? I know I will only have a broken heart to mend. And that, my dear friends, is the ultimate reality. Life is not meant to find love and live for love...no, it is meant to live life with the least shattered heart. Only those with their hearts intact survive, and I fear I am out of the race.

Current Mood: sadI can feel my heart breaking
26 November 2004 @ 02:12 pm
Well, My older Brother came to town, but not under good conditions. His aunt, whom was like his big sister, ODed on Heroine and died Friday. I was shocked. We all thought she got her act together, but I guess people do bizarre things when they are depressed. He drove out as soon as he heard, only to find out that the funeral was put off until Monday, because his mom mistakenly thought his birthday was on Wed. (the day the funeral was supposed to be), which it was on Tuesday. He had to drive his ex-boyfriend Barney and Barney's new boyfriend back to Philly for Thanksgiving and is coming back by plane today. I will probably see him tomorrow.

Thanksgiving was good...I had a soy turkey, so I was happy...I do not really want to think about all the turkeys that were killed to feed everyone yesterday... T_T Oh well...not much else is going on...I am supposed to go to a birthday party, a Christmas parade, and a hotel party today...I dunno how I am gonna pull that one off...I will just have to try to balance time between all 3 events, I guess. Well, that is all...<3!
Current Mood: sadDrugs are bad, kids...
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23 November 2004 @ 02:44 pm
I just talked online to my big brother, and I found out that he is in Chicago right now, and he is coming to see us tomorrow! I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED! I love him SOOOOO much and I cannot wait to see him...I wonder if he is bring his boyfriend...I love his boyfriend...sweet kid! ^_______^ YAY!

Umm...Oh! I am a lil' pissed off at a friend of mine. He is acting like he runs my life, and I have never even met him in person! He yells at me and treats me like shit, for reasons beyond my control, and it makes me mad. He reminds me too much of one of my exboyfriends...GRRR! I hate people like that. I dunno what I am going to do. Heaven knows I cannot stand up for myself...

Watched "Depeche Mode 101" yesterday, and GOD DAMN DAVE GAHAN IS HOT! heh...I love him... <3! I need to send my Bauhaus "Gotham" tape back for a new one so I can FINALLY watch it and see Peter's Uber-sexy ass! =P

That is about all...as far as emotions go, I am pretty stable. I only get sad on occassion, when the wound opens up again...hopefully the pain will stop soon...

Forgot...I watched the "One Night in Paris" sex tape with my friends...Funny shit...she NEVER acts like she enjoys it, one time while she is sucking the dude's dick, she tells him she does not want to do it anymore, and she bends his dick back...he calls her a bitch...ha! Then, when he is performing oral on her, she looks like she is sleeping! Funny shit...just though I would share...

Much love to all of you, and have fun on Thanksgiving...poor turkeys! T_T I got a vegetarian Turkey loaf thingy for Thanksgiving! YAY! *hugs*!
Current Mood: ecstaticMy brother's coming to town!
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